These tubes have a tensile strength of 1450 nm-mm2With triple butted tube thickness there is much comfort. This frame is lighter than the INSPIRATION frame
The top tube is so light that it can compete with a carbon tube, because of the outer diameter of the circular seat tube of 35 mm (which is compatible for a seatpost diameter of 31.6 mm) this results in a higher bracket stiffness, that every peddel turnover transfer to speed.This creates a responsive and nimble bike.
head tube is the same size as the INSPIRATION,
Inside of the the beautifully handcrafted seat tube is a saddle-tube soldered. This connection creates a stronger whole.
The chainstays are rectangular profiled,
This is a nice connection to the bracket. It is not only beautiful, but the amount of tension, stress and strength with which the frame is loaded is very well cared. which result in amuch stiffer / stronger frame.
By cold deformation tripple butted wall thicknesses on  the oversized tube shape and alloying elements (Cr-Mn-Mo-Va) has this frame the best relationship between rigidity and lightweight. The slightly oversized steel simply gives less noise and thereby also comfortable. The customization of the DIMENSION of exceptional class.

Braun Dimension Dedacciai 14.5 SAT parelmoer-groen
Braun Dedacciai 14.5 Dimencion Nederland
Braun Dedacciai 14.5 Dimencion zwart Orange
Braun Dedacciai 14.5 Dimencion mat zwart Orange
Braun Dimension Dedacciai 14.5 DI2 Zwart Geel
Braun Dimension Dedacciai 14.5 DI2
Braun Dimension Dedacciai 14.5 Sat
Braun Dimension Dedacciai 14.5 Sat DI2
Braun Dimension Dedacciai 14.5 Sat DI2
Braun Dimension DI2 Dedacciai 14.5 Sat
Braun Dimension Dedacciai 14.5 Sat kleur no 1040
Braun Dimension Dedacciai SAT 14.5 Steel