Braun Dedacciai S-Inspiration 14.5 SAT Mat Grijs- zwart
Braun Dedaccia Super Inspiration EOM 16,5
Braun Dedacciai 16.5 Super Inspiration
Braun Dedacciai EOM 16.5 Super Inspiration
Braun Super Inspiration Dedacciai EOM 16.5 Steel
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Super-Inspiration 921
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DEDACCIAI EOM 16.5 aer tubes with micro alloyed steel with a layer of low carbon concentration wuth  high weldability. These tube are characterized by there unique tensile strength of 1650 NM-mm2.
By means of special pipe-sections and shapes (LTP Torsion Low Profile)  designed to support the weight, and reduced the lateral rotation of the frame.
The surface
hardening (KET). (KINETC ENERGY TREATMENT). This treatment of the outer surface (KET) creates a state of compression of the metal structure, and increases the hardness
These alloyed steel is the best protection against oxidation and give a high breakage, bending and tensile strength.

 The mechanical properties are of a high level. These are the tubes due to an added alloying element Boron (Bo) and Banadium (Va) what the tubes very strong tough and hard.
Not only in the longitudinal but also in the transverse direction of the tube, the element boron is very light and strong, and of boron fibers are placed in special composite materials for the space used. The metal vanadium has a very strong crystal. This special alloys creates an extremely strong and rigid frame design.

The special half rectangular and half round profiled oversized uppertube which is 37 mm high makes the tubes fit better on the seattube.
The rear frame has rectangular, and to the dropouts tapered chainstays, combined with a side of 18 mm. round seatstays. These contribute to a high degree of comfort and are very stiff. These do not flinch at the very fastest sprint.
The frame is constructed with a seat tube 35 diameter, in combination with an outer head tube of a diameter 38 mm. with integrated bearings. By mega oversized tapered downtube, which opens to the outside widened head tube. This makes the frame very stiff, especially since this tube at the bottom bracket specially formed to increase rigidity. The down tube is in a better shape drawn at its thinnest point, less than 0.4 mm. amounts. The maxium width at the bottom bracket is 51 mm. These tubes are very high, resulting in a frame with a quick predictable sound directly driving, where most carbon frames you to say. The frame comes with a full carbon Dedacciai Blac fin of a tuning fork size of 1 '/ 18.